Facilitating change for a global leader

A methodical approach to introducing change

The launch of the revitalised Alliance Laundry Systems brand began with an internal marketing campaign. The objective of the staff communication was to introduce the team to change, and accelerate the evolution process.

The CEO introduced the initiative via a video. A newsletter added the thoughts of each Alliance senior executive about the “Leading performance” positioning phrase. Email and printed materials took the message to every team member.

The January 2 new brand launch opened a new year. The CEO explained the changes via multiple channels and invited key distributors, customers and stakeholders to visit the new website. Alliance team members were equipped to share the news with customers and partners.

Value created

Premium positioning – Tighter, better focused brands allowed able to effort spent preparing the Alliance team for the launch paid off because they could clearly explain the value of change to partners and customers.

Easier brand management – Comprehensive brand identity systems and tools ensures global consistency for building brand value.

In this brand launch video the CEO explains the reasons for change, and encourages partners to facilitate the process
To project a uniform image of leading performance, comprehensive brand guidelines define the correct application of each brand

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