Bioscience pioneer solves business challenge with branding

Correcting perceptions of an innovative company

Established in Hong Kong in 2006, molecular diagnostics (MdX) pioneer DiagCor invented flow-through hybridization technology. The company leads the market in mid-resolution DNA analysis.

DiagCor goes to market with innovative products, exceptional services and a talented young team. However they were missing opportunities. Inconsistent branding made the company appear under-resourced. Incoherent communication materials inadequately explained the advantages of their highly technical products.

Some potential customers even believed the company was a low price copycat of the world-beating technology it had developed in-house. The company engaged Stepworks to correctly present them as an innovator with premium offerings.


Value created

Accurate positioning – DiagCor’s brand image was reworked to accurately position the company as a global leader.

Raised morale – Many DiagCor team members commented how the refreshed brand gave them a renewed sense of pride and purpose.

Increased perceived value – DiagCor’s premium brand image raised the companies credibility online and in key trade shows competing against much larger players.

The DiagCor logo was enhanced to give it a more confident appearance without the need for costly hardware retooling
“Stepworks helped us realise our brand DNA, bringing our passion into one simple conclusion: We are dedicated to Molecular Diagnostics (MDx). Through branding, Stepworks revised the look of DiagCor, rejuvenated our spirit in front of our customers. The immediate effect was obvious.”

Ho-Yuen Poon, Senior Marketing Executive
DiagCor Life Sciences



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