OEM manufacturer grows a global brand

Building an online profit centre

Daycraft launched its online presence as a simple brochure website. Over the years we evolved it into a complete ecommerce site serving customers all over the world. Stepworks also helped to launch social media initiatives.

The website attracted traffic by including the URL and encouraging visits at every point in the customer journey. Visitors were converted into fans by various incentives. Regular seasonal campaigns keep the customer engaged with special offers and gift suggestions.

Daycraft offers a textbook example of how to develop and maintain a premium brand digitally, starting from nothing but an idea and a determination to succeed.

Value created

Strategic sales channel – Few stationery retailers have the space to carry Daycraft’s full product range. Customers were encouraged to discover more online.  

Multi-site approach – Certain products, such as The Moneywrap by Daycraft, were given unique domains to facilitate tactical campaigns.  

Made-for-web-traffic designs – Some products were designed primarily to generate online interest and attract traffic. Some went on to sell well despite their “controversial” nature.

Daycraft’s websites were designed according to best practices to achieve a range of objectives
Designed to attract online attention, this “pre-stained” notebook got a lot of likes.
Some people disliked it, which is all good on the edge of innovation

Stepworks provided images, content and guidelines to kickstart Daycraft’s social media presence

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