OEM manufacturer grows a global brand

Promoting sales with a strong brand

The Daycraft brand building project included a set of brand guidelines that created the right conditions for business growth.

The brand DNA, Make my day became a benchmark for product development. Products were developed via an intense group ideation process. Only a prototype that was felt could “make someone’s day” was market tested.

The “make my day” approach was extended across all brand communications, including trade show exhibition booths and consumer promotions.

Designed for selfies, Daycraft’s tradeshow booth delighted visitors to the event – and gave the brand considerable exposure

Value created

Effective results – The strong underlying foundation of the brand allowed the business to record steady ongoing growth.

Consistent quality – Precisely defining the parameters of the brand reinforced its premium positioning.

Strong product pipeline – Guided by brand and led by designers, Tai Shing was able to consistently produce innovative new products that were welcomed by its market.

Partnership opportunities – Daycraft’s premium approach led to a rewarding collaboration with Japan’s market leader in organiser products.

Daycraft built sales and loyalty by accessorising its most popular notebooks and diaries into complementary
organiser products
“I love Daycraft since 5 years ago. It is a Hongkong brand with very high quality. Every time I go Hongkong I’ll buy like 10 Daycraft notebooks for me and my friends! I love its soft case and very fancy, cut look. Daycraft is my favorite notebook brand.”

Yakun, Amazon review

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