A hospitality brand in Japan turns over a new leaf

Developing a desirable consistent image

Like many branding initiatives, the Chalet Ivy project began by assessing its legacy brand assets. The brand building team kept an open mind about starting everything fresh.

The team ultimately decided that the most effective approach would be to evolve the existing Chalet Ivy brand to a new level of relevance. Each of the three Chalet Ivy properties has different histories. It was important to find common brand attributes that could highlight the uniqueness of each hotel during the guest experience.

The new brand model and brand identity have been applied to a range of deliverables, which include everything from stationery to in-room amenities.

Value created

Integrated platform – A single name and creative platform for all hotels minimises brand management resources and enables new properties to be more easily onboarded.

Clarity in development – With a single set of guidelines and the ability to reference existing properties, the Chalet Ivy brand can be rolled out at an accelerated pace with minimum creative risk.

A pre-opening sales brochure introduced the brand to influential stakeholders

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