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A printing company creates a new business

Tai Shing Diary Limited is a Hong Kong headquartered printer with a large production facility in China.

The forward-thinking company makes very high quality products. To earn the rewards of premium branding, Tai Shing partnered with Stepworks to rethink its Daycraft brand of notebooks and diaries, and its creative approach.

Following a brand audit, the Daycraft offering was completely relaunched as a premium brand. The brand was positioned as offering the same level of innovation as a prominent European competitor, but with superior manufacturing quality and slightly more competitive prices.


Value created

Premium positioning – Daycraft is now routinely associated in consumer and trade media with premium and luxury brands in the sector. Daycraft products were even select for sale in the prestigious MOMA gift shop in New York.   

Healthy sales growth – The Daycraft brand has grown its distribution from three to over 20 countries. It also sells via a global ecommerce B2C website.

Built OEM sales – The credibility and quality of Daycraft products have generated enquiry and sales for Tai Shing’s OEM printing business and corporate diary business.

Strong asset – The credibility and quality of Daycraft products have generated enquiry and sales for Tai Shing’s OEM printing business and corporate diary business.

The Daycraft rebrand launches a new chapter in Tai Shing Diary’s multi-generational success story
Along with the rebrand came an entirely new product line. Each product was designed to express the Brand DNA and “make someone’s day”
“Thanks to our close and rewarding partnership with Stepworks, I achieved my lifelong ambition of Daycraft becoming a premium global brand.”

Terence Ku, Chairman
Tai Shing Diary Limited

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Building an online profit centre

Daycraft launched its online presence as a simple brochure website. Over the years we evolved it into a complete ecommerce site serving customers all over the world. Stepworks also helped to launch social media initiatives.

The website attracted traffic by including the URL and encouraging visits at every point in the customer journey. Visitors were converted into fans by various incentives. Regular seasonal campaigns keep the customer engaged with special offers and gift suggestions.

Daycraft offers a textbook example of how to develop and maintain a premium brand digitally, starting from nothing but an idea and a determination to succeed.

Value created

Strategic sales channel – Few stationery retailers have the space to carry Daycraft’s full product range. Customers were encouraged to discover more online.  

Multi-site approach – Certain products, such as The Moneywrap by Daycraft, were given unique domains to facilitate tactical campaigns.  

Made-for-web-traffic designs – Some products were designed primarily to generate online interest and attract traffic. Some went on to sell well despite their “controversial” nature.

Daycraft’s websites were designed according to best practices to achieve a range of objectives
Designed to attract online attention, this “pre-stained” notebook got a lot of likes.
Some people disliked it, which is all good on the edge of innovation

Stepworks provided images, content and guidelines to kickstart Daycraft’s social media presence
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Integrating sales growth and brand building

Daycraft, by Tai Shing Diary, offers a textbook example of how a manufacturer can methodically build a premium global consumer brand.

Key to the process is a clear understanding of the opportunities, and developing products that appeal to the right people.

Over the years Stepworks developed many Daycraft campaigns and marketing initiatives. We’ve helped with new product development, ad-hoc campaigns, B2B initiatives and much more.

All campaigns and product developments were devised to achieve predetermined objectives. These are supported by a set of carefully crafted messages that relate an ongoing brand narrative in a consistent tone of voice.

Value created

Valuable earned media – Strategically conceived newsworthy novelty products were launched to bring numerous mentions of Daycraft in mainstream media lifestyle sections, and influential design and lifestyle blogs.

Multichannel distribution – The partnership saw Daycraft campaigns launched in many channels, offering click-through access to sales.

Brand extension – The Daycraft brand successfully evolved from notebooks and diaries to a line of innovative organiser products.

Crossover collaboration – Daycraft became sought after as a premium brand crossover partner. Strategic crossover campaigns reinforced Daycraft’s premium positioning.

Products won numerous awards and recognition, including Best of the Best Show Award, at the influential London Stationery Show
Introducing new products via catalogue, video and digital helped distributors and retailers develop consumer-facing campaigns  
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Promoting sales with a strong brand

The Daycraft brand building project included a set of brand guidelines that created the right conditions for business growth.

The brand DNA, Make my day became a benchmark for product development. Products were developed via an intense group ideation process. Only a prototype that was felt could “make someone’s day” was market tested.

The “make my day” approach was extended across all brand communications, including trade show exhibition booths and consumer promotions.

Designed for selfies, Daycraft’s tradeshow booth delighted visitors to the event – and gave the brand considerable exposure

Value created

Effective results – The strong underlying foundation of the brand allowed the business to record steady ongoing growth.

Consistent quality – Precisely defining the parameters of the brand reinforced its premium positioning.

Strong product pipeline – Guided by brand and led by designers, Tai Shing was able to consistently produce innovative new products that were welcomed by its market.

Partnership opportunities – Daycraft’s premium approach led to a rewarding collaboration with Japan’s market leader in organiser products.

Daycraft built sales and loyalty by accessorising its most popular notebooks and diaries into complementary
organiser products
“I love Daycraft since 5 years ago. It is a Hongkong brand with very high quality. Every time I go Hongkong I’ll buy like 10 Daycraft notebooks for me and my friends! I love its soft case and very fancy, cut look. Daycraft is my favorite notebook brand.”

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