Aligning brand strategy to advance business goals

A polished corporate image that conveys caring and ability

A technology service business like Motherapp’s offers little in the way of tangible product. It’s possible for users to become immersed in Motherapp’s work yet have no idea of its source.

This is why it’s important to convey an image of consistent brand quality at every possible customer touchpoint. 

These touchpoints include user documentation, presentations, working environments, email, corporate communications and various owned media channels. Part of the rebrand project involved developing a set of branded tools, templates and guidelines that would ensure Motherapp always left a clear impression they cared deeply about all aspects of their business. 

Value created

Quality perception – A consistent delivery of relevant messages and polished identity associates the brand with quality and helps audiences identify the source.

Enhanced appeal – Motherapp’s careful and consistent approach to its own identity reassure stakeholders that their needs will be taken care of thoughtfully and with serious intention. 

Easy-to-understand online brand guidelines help the team to present the company correctly


The design language creates a visually pleasing consistency in photography, illustrations, infographics and other brand elements

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